Project Update

This far I have a few hundred photos from the garden, the kids cooking in the classroom, the farm stand at school, and at Tompkin’s square park. What I don’t have are photos of the kids learning about food in the classroom (which is done for the semester) any audio interviews for a multimedia piece, and the releases- which I am wondering about because I spoke with the teacher about having her get them for the kids that I do end up using photos of but if I’m not doing anything with the pictures and I already have the photos…do I still need to get them?

I think all my shooting is done, now it’s just about editing and logistics. I am on the fence about multimedia just because so much has already happened that was not recorded because I wasn’t planning on doing it. So I think I will probably just stick to a collection with annotations and text. I think they will end up being juxtapositions of still-life and human.

Another problem I’m dealing with right now is my computer because it’s full and I’m not sure how to move things on to my removable hard drive. It’s frustrating because I can’t resave files and move them around in order to see how images would look together- I also don’t have bridge so a lot of my grouping takes place in my finder window. I hope that by this friday I will have narrowed down the images I want to use for the final.


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