10 Things I have noticed (or confirmed) about Paris so far

1. The children here are incredibl well behaved

2. There is no joke, feces all over the sidewalks.

3. Men here are beautiful, but the women look like the have been smoking for years and years

4. Because they have. Here, there is never a bad time for a smoke or wine

5. Which you can find in the supermarket for 2-3 euros that isn’t bad at all

6. There are french cafes on every block, kind of like Starbucks or McDonalds but they charge you $20 for salad

7. NO on smiles here. If you do, as a female, it kind of alludes that you’re open to whatever. Even at the store.

8. Soy yogurt here is confusingly delicious

9. Although falafel is the “trendy” food to get to go, I think the macarons are a better purchase. Pistachio or coconut? Always.

10. Like you would assume, Parisians really do just hang out a lot. Life is so be saveured.


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