Paris lesson #1: Don’t forget your camera

Yesterday and the day  before, I walked from school (near the Eiffel Tower) across the river, past the Louvre, up rue de Rivoli, around the Marais, by the Pompidou, where my friends and I had a hideous happy hour where our waiter tried to take advantage of us because we’re Americans. And, unfortunately, he won the battle. Then we walked back over through the Latin Quarter, bought some Rose for 2.28 euros and headed to Crepe night at our school bar. Yes, our schools has a bar. Tres exciting. 2 euros for wine. Insanity. By the way the euro is at 1.3 so 2 euros is 2.60.

The next day we did a similar trip but took the subway to the Marais to find an amazing vintage shop Freepstar where I snagged a vintage YSL jacket (pics to come) and a high-neck LBD. From there we got lost in the small windy streets then after forcing myself to eat unidentifiable middle eastern food and a packet of tums, we headed to Bastille then walked down the river where the houseboats are parked (across the Seine from the Botanical Gardens approximately) then across the Seine and into the Latin quarter where we saw the Pantheon, Sarbonne, and a zillion beautiful and unassuming Cathedrals tucked into every nook and cranny of the city.

Finally we got back for the “Paris by Night” tour lead by student advisers who fought for the attention of a microphone to throw out politically incorrect jokes and statements about the city while our driver whipped it around the city retracing the routes I have walked in my 6 days here. So I did also, forget my camera SO I have blackberry photos since I have to use this guy until I get m iPhone in Feb. C’est la vie!


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