And the Homesickness Hits

Wow. Here I am just enjoying Paris and my new friends and BLAM I am overcome with a serious longing to be home. I’ve got a small snag with the housing department which needs to be fixed this week while classes start… I’m not a home-stay type, not after living on my own for so long.

Last night we went on a school pubcrawl which ended up in caramel vodka shots, multiple British, American, and Canadian bars, lots of rose, some broken glasses, a few hoped metro turnstiles, and some drink called… a polar bear?

Today I walked to school along the Seine which was pretty but also very industrial along the 16th arrondissement. There’s a random statue of liberty on an island too, kind of threw me for a loop. I haven’t been drinking coffee because I’m trying to lessen my caffeine intake and used jetlag as a kicking off point to quit. Hangover+no coffee=weird feelings inside. After meeting at school, we took off for a walking tour of Montmartre where we saw the Moulin Rouge, the cafe Amelie worked in in the movie, where Van Gogh lived, and of course, Sacre Coeur cathedral, which was, in a word, spectacular. I can’t imagine how many men must have died during the process of mosaicing a gold and blue image of Jesus on the dome of the church. It literally took my breath away. No photos but I think it’s one of those ” you need to see it in person” type phenomenons anyways.AFterwards, my friend Jocelyn from Eugene Lang and I skipped the fondue dinner and trekked over to the”Little India” of Paris near the Gare du Nord. We quickly learned that the district between the foot of Montmartre and the train station was a hybrid of Chinatown, Harlem, and East Williamsburg. I hid my camera in my coat. The Indian restaurant, Yasmin, was alright. They hustled us with all sorts of deals but in the end it wasn’t as much food as I typically expect for and Indian dinner. I ended up eating a bunch of candy when I got home (a new hobby here) because I hadn’t eaten all day and was looking for something more. I’ve got a bunch of Christmas candy I get down on when I get home. It’s awkward to use the homestay family’s kitchen late so I keep a few snacks in my room… which is kind of gross but kind of awesome.

My room is loud, cold, and huge. It gets a lot of light but it’s just too noisy to get good sleep. I’m going to try to move this week and I’m sure my school administration is already sick of me. Oh well.

I’m still feeling a little off, a little disoriented, a little edgy, but I’m sure it’ll wear off. I’m also trying to remind myself that this is what we call transition.



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