10 Things I Miss from and about America

1. Gluten-free everything, everywhere. Babycakes donuts. Le sigh.

2. GUM. Seriously 3 euros for the kind that has 20 seconds of flavor?

3. The ability to read product labels. What am I eating? What’s this lotion? How am I supposed to figure out what’s in all this stuff if they don’t teach us words like nitrate and corn syrup in French class?

4. Luna Bars. I know. Glorified candybars. I have one left. White chocolate macadamia- my favorite. I want to eat it so bad but I also want to savor it because from here on out it’s only French processed foods

5. Salad bars. No brainer. Who doesn’t love salad bars? I mean really, everyone wins.

6. Kombucha. I’ve seen it once and it was 5 euros for a little bottle. Excuse me? I’m double duty-ing this one with juice bars. I would sell my soul for a green juice. Even the kind with parsley that make me shiver and shudder.

7. Big coffees. Call me American, because, I am. All I want is to order a coffee and have it be 4 times as big as the one I am given. I have succumbed to instant coffee until I buy a French press or quit the caffeine game. It’s not bad, but with the soy milk here, it curdles. Gag.

8. Understanding store names. Something I took for granted without knowing it. I’ve passed SO many stores that look exactly the same but I don’t have the energy to differentiate. It’s like trying to decide whether to go into Gap, J. Crew Club Monaco, Zara, Nordstrom, Barney’s, and Forever 21 while wearing a blindfold.

9. TV. I don’t even watch TV, but today I was watching friends in our school bar (yes we have a school bar and it’s awesome, wine is only 2 euros) and I just sat there glued to the screen. It made me miss New York and American television more than I thought possible.



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