Architecture and a Jean-Paul Goude exhibit at the Museum of Decorative Arts

So it turns out that it’s my French teachers first time teaching French…because she usually teaches film and photography. Win! What a great way to learn a language- by someone teaching you using you with examples from subjects you’re actually interested in. Yesterday, for our double block, we went to the Museum of Decorative Arts to catch the Jean-Paul Goude exhibit which is ending in a few weeks. I had no idea who this mastermind was since I found out about the field trip right before taking the quiz the whole class bombed (I was at the top of the class with a B-minus, not my proudest moment). After begrudgingly paying 8 euros for admittance (HELLO I AM A STUDENT…special exhibit fee? Psh) I waltzed into a room that transformed me in the same way that I felt when I saw the McQueen exhibit at the Met. I knew who Grace Jones was, kind of, but I never realized that she was Goude’s muse and he was responsible for much of film and photos. Anyways, the photos speak for themselves. The man is a perverted genius.

But before I delve into Goude, I’ve go a few snapshots from some of the ornate bridges I have stumbled upon during my walks to school (takes about 35-40 minutes FYI). I’ve tried to find multiple routes but keep ending up on Franklin Roosevelt- a weird name for a French avenue, just saying.

Still feeling a bit homesick, appreciating NYC more and more, missing the states but also happy for the perspective. Would love if the rain would go away and some sun would come out though, seriously, I left Seattle for a reason.

On a different note, it has been such a pleasure to have so man guests while I am here. So far I saw m friend Lauren, then Anna, then Terron, not to mention Victoria who lived with me in NYC this summer. She lives here now and had her birthday party last night which was an absolute blast. She may be one of the happiest, kindest, cutest people I know. She’s off to London for a semester on Monday and I will definitely have to go see her while shes over there. You know they have a Whole Foods over there?  Seriously. So. Hyped. I met all of her Parisian friends last night and drank champagne and ate cheesecake even though the dairy made me so sick today. Her friends taught me vulgar sayings in French and we’re going to get together to exchange French lessons for English lessons. Win-win? Oui. I’m back now from visiting my friend Jocelyn from Lang at her apartment up the street, she made us an amazing dinner of chicken, potatoes, lentils, snap peas, avocado, and almonds. Tomorrow I’m going ice skating on the Eiffel Tower then having lunch with Agathe then seeing another museum exhibit! Then, the official AUP back to school party at some club in the 7th arrondissement which is sure to be a shitshow. My school is cool, I mean we’ve got genderless bathrooms and a school bar so party time is all the time but word on campus it should be fun. Apparently the bar has a swimming pool, a giant hammock, and a trampoline. Not bad. Not bad. More on that later, for now, enjoy gilding and Goude.


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