First time up the Eiffel Tower!

…Look mom I spelled it right this time!

Yes on friday, since I don’t have class, I went up the Eiffel tower for my first time! Chantal, Jared, and I spent 3.70 euros each and took the stairs like the champions that we are. That’s 674 steps according to the interwebs. It was freezing but so beautiful and a really nice way to get some more stairs into my life! It’s much cheaper if you walk the first part and even the second part, you can take the elevator from the first if you want but we walked. There’s also no line when you take the stairs. After chugging some expensive water (what is this a movie theater?) and taking a picture of a couple kissing in exchange for taking our photo, we went back down to the first level so Chantal (who is a pro ice skater) to check out the rink that was still up from Christmas. What I learned with this experience is that, in fact, ice skating is really difficult with the cruddy skates they give you because she was having a hard time in the big albeit free hockey boots. So after 5 minutes we decided the day was over. It had been about 2 hours up there. Then we took off to a museum exhibit and parted ways before the back to school soiree

The party was ridiculous. Threw some images in at the end that a friend took. I snagged ’em off facebook. It was like no school party I have ever attended and I’m happy to report I had an awesome time and danced my face off. I did lose my lipstick somewhere between the hammock and getting tossed into the giant net. C’est triste (that’s sad for those of you that took Spanish).

After a long day of wiping my computer (goodbye iTunes and super old photos from when I was 18) and getting my schtuff ready for the week, I’m wiped out myself. Time to hit the hay and get cracking on my schoolwork. It’s been 3 weeks and 1 day and I am officially no longer in transition and socializing mode.



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