6 Things I Wish I Brought (More) Of

1. Conditioner. First of all, the water here wrecks your hair. I have been instructed to use Evian to wash my locks and I’m seriously considering it. It’s hard to find conditioner at all in stores except for in the 2-in-1 bottles.

2. Gum. I’m going to keep whining about this until I’m back. $4 for a pack? No.

3. Face creams. So expensive, plus trying to read the beauty and medical terminology is quite the humbling experience.

4. Underwear. My roommate in NYC this summer, Victoria, who lives here, used to get so excited about the loads of cute underwear she found at such great prices at Gap and Victoria’s Secret. I never understood why she thought they were so cheap and cute…until now. The price points and styles are way off here. Way off.

5. Favorite foods. Just like gum, I’m going to keep being sad over this one because I miss so many things from home. I’m finding foods to eat (hello lentils, beans, and soy yogurt) plus lots of fresh produce, but not much organic. I did find a juice bar on Saturday and almost cried with joy. I also had my first Kombucha the same day and am sad to report, was disgusting. Ginger flavor? No my friend, I don’t think so.

6. Coconut Oil. For both hair and cooking. I know it’s here but it’s not in health food stores…maybe I’ll try little India near Gare du Nord where Jocelyn and I had dinner that one night after the Montmartre walking tour. There were tons of Indian import shops. Tons of olive oil in the meantime.

I could go on forever but I’ll stop there since this has turned into my diary for the day.


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