Thanks New York (and Seattle) for the blanket of snow and Russia for the wind chill that made zero degrees Celsius turn into minus eight. I was going to farmers market it up by biking around the city but instead I opted for brunch in the Marais. Things are looking up here, had a lot of fun this weekend with a group of wonderful, funny French people at a paty DJ’ed by Bob Sinclar, booked a few trips, got even more organized,  and went to hot yoga six days in a row. Between that and biking to and from school with my Velib, my body is feeling a bit more on track. The “little bits” of dairy I was eating from all the macarons did some real damage to my energy amongst other things. No matter what I tell myself about my allergies being mental– they’re just not. It takes a few weeks for the fatigue from dairy to get out of my system so hopefully I’m back to my sarcastic, headstrong self soon. Jokes.


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