The One Month Mark

And it’s a full moon! Yeah, I believe in the power of the moon. I’m a woman and I can always tell it’s a full moon because I get cray cray. Anyways, it’s been exactly a month since I arrived in Paris. Seems both longer and shorter, but mostly surreal, like some weird pause in my life where I stepped into a book for a while.

Today was highly productive– I have been going to sleep anywhere from 1:30-5am (the latter of course being the weekends) so I’ve allowed myself to switch to a night owl schedule which meant the loss of my favorite part of the day: morning. So now I’m working to switch back even though that means I can’t Skype my parents until the wee hours of my morning (which I should probably not be doing as frequently anyways but I love dem).

Back to today… off I went for a walk to check out the Marché Aguesseau down the street from me right alongside the Madeline. Epic disappointment. I mean I read that it was a small market, but a burger truck, a fresh fish shack, and a windshield full of dead-beetley poultry wearing feather hats does not a market make. I also asked the fish man if I could take a photo of the fish and he said no. Lesson learned. Don’t ask, just take photos, smile, and carry on. If and when someone gets mad  will deal with it, but in the public I’m going to have to get a little tougher.

Then I went (on an evil Velib whose seat was broken so I peddled through the 20 degree weather on what felt like a childs bike) to Ecole Maternelle Saint Pierre- an elementary school near my school to speak to someone about interviewing staff members about school lunches. Learned a lot about the protocol for getting into certain schools, which is, with a letter. I also had to use my French skills since the woman didn’t speak English which was pretty impressive! After a tedious French class (we have a T.A. on Tuesdays) I finally mailed the final draft of my multimedia piece from last fall at the Earth School in the East Village of NYC then headed off to school for a presentation from CARE International about internships and how to work for NGO’s. Unfortunately I had to leave early because I went to see Cynthia Haven speak at the other school building on rue de Grenelle so I grabbed my plastic roadie of wine (yes, a to-go wine, like in Vegas) and scampered over just in time. Cynthia is a cultural journalist who has taken her passion for journalism into a book career. She was wonderful and witty and I stayed after to talk to her as I was the only girl who engaged during the conversation/lecture. We talked about the frustration of what the internet and democratization of publications and authorship has changed the ballgame. She reminded me not to be sad or overly nostalgic even though she too longs for the days of quality over speed, but to enjoy joining the conversation. Very interesting woman.

I also bought socks, got a potential babysitting gig for a film producer, and finally dealt with the final box of my stuff in NY! Now I’m passing out!


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