Monge Market (and a cluster of street shots)

I’m staying in the 5th right now with my friend Oona’s mother, Dierdre, on rue Mouffetard- the oldest street in Paris. It’s dotted with beautiful chocolate shops, fish markets, wine vendors, and other specialty shops. On Wednesday morning, she took me to the Monge market up the street where I checked out the organic farmstands, dried fruits and olives, clothes, carpets, scarves, meats, and fish. The fisherman propped up some trout for me to take photos of, the olive man made me sample olives and candied ginger (then I bought a bag of candied fruit), and then I wandered down to the Luxembourg gardens where I hopped a Velib to school. I love the markets here and I can’t wait until it’s a little warmer and they’re packed and I can pick up foodies for picnics! I just learned about some Chinese, Arabic, and Senegalese markets here and I’m beyond stoked to investigate. In other news, it’s officially spring break and I’m off to Luxembourg on Sunday to see Matty, Sara, Rudi, and Josie for 5 days! 😀


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