Fashion Week Creep Part 2: Valentino

I don’t have that much to say aside from the individual photo commentary as it was pretty much a redux of Chanel but I was slightly less coherent because I had gone to Bikram yoga (post about THAT  to come tomorrow) but the sun was shining. Hung out with English speakers then bounced to another yoga class because I have a sickness (no actually because Bikram sucks so much that only two classes could make a difference). Swung by McQueen later on because I picked up a bag of clothes from Annie and saw Salma Hayek, Anna Wintour, Hamish Bowles, Kate Lamphear, Anna Della Russo again, Joe Zee, Nina Garcia, and a woman I worked for at W. Did I mention I saw a W girl at Chanel? It was funny I was sitting there watching the women walk in thinking “Damn, X was so uselessly mean, I wonder what happened to her?” Sure enough she comes slithering down the street and luckily I yanked my neck to the side like a  giraffe and hid. It was like The Secret in reverse. No pics from McQueen though, they’re bad and dark and I wasn’t into playing a paparazzi at night. Anyways. Pics ahoy!


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