More Markets: Levallois Halles, Aligre, and Marché Auguste Blanqui

A few Sunday’s ago I met Annie for a bike ride to the Clignancourt market, which was kind of a disaster because I had no idea that it was a sketchy ride along the outside of Paris. My fault for not doing my research… It was kind of interesting but not pretty, and by the time we got to the market, we were so tired that the hustlers and pick pockets that line the first layer of markets put us off so much that we left to go to the Marais. Before that we had dipped into a little market in Levallois for a few snacks (photos below) but the market wasn’t anything compared to the next I visited. The following Friday I went to the Aligre market, which is in the 11st arrondissement. It’s quite far East and is kind of *sketchy* because it’s a mostly North African community….except that it’s not and was pretty friendly just a bit more aggresive than the yuppie markets I usually hit. Then I went to the Auguste Blanqui which was basically closed, then biked to Chinatown to load up on treats. Then for a swim on the Seine at the Josephine Baker pool (thanks to the tip from Oona’s mom!)


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