Raspail Organic,The Bird Market, and a Gay Pride Festival!

Alright I’m SUPER behind on posting. I’ve got some museums, a few nights out with SAAS kids, a trip to Bretagne, a few silly friends, and a super creepy animal show to post. It was my Birthday on Friday after I was gone for a week so I’ve been slacking. Plus my senior project is basically due next week. So I’ll unclog the log jam this week.

A few Sundays ago I went to the bird market on the little island where Notre Dame is. It was pretty goddam sad. Hundreds of cages of birds and hoards of tourists shoulder bashing each other to get a look. Flocks of haggard men standing around smoking, haggling, stacking cages of birds on camper vans and tables. The cages are pretty small, which is alright for a small bird but then thee are the chickens and parrots which just look so…broken. Like the zoo.

Then I went to the Raspail Organic Market- which was basically like Batignolles with a heavy dose of snobbery and some good lookin Paella. Then to a bio-fair, then I found a gay pride festival. After a long loop around the city and a nice rest, I went to Pompon for a friend of a friends magazine party. It felt like Brooklyn…specifically Williamsburg. Which was kind of awesome. More later!


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