SAAS attack! And a trip to Versailles!

During the last week of March, I was informed by Francois my French Dad that Francoise (note the E for feminine) my middle school latin teacher would be in Paris with a group of high school students from SAAS. Little did I know that in that group was April, my high school art teacher. When she popped out of the Louvre that first day my eyes welled up a bit. It’s been almost 5 years since graduation.

It was also the 2 year anniversary of my aunt Lisa’s passing. I couldn’t have asked for better timing.

The first night I saw them we went to dinner at a Brasserie near Odeon then out for gelato at Amorino then Frederique, Francois, and I took the train and biked home through the back routes of the 17th from porte maillot to porte de champerret.

The next time I saw them was for dinner at Chartier near Grand Boulevards, which was quite beautiful, fast, inexpensive, and good for big groups although we sat at four separate tables (hello 20 people).

Thennnn I got to go to Versailles with them which was perfect. If I had gone on my own I wouldn’t have gotten the amazing tour we got. We saw the chapel, all the epic bedrooms, and a few meeting rooms- with enough info to piece it all together. Versailles is HUGE. We rented bikes and a junior, Ian, and I biked around the grand canal, with a quick stop at the *summer house.*

It was really fun to spend time with them, and to enjoy being around April and Francoise, and the senior girls, and then look at the younger kids and remember WHY I wanted to get out of high school so bad hahaahah. Kind of….theraputic? Very.


One thought on “SAAS attack! And a trip to Versailles!

  1. The one of the group at the gate would be great for the SAAS newletter! Awesome, although there were none of YOU! xo

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