Paris: Coming to a Close

I’m log-jammed with photos. I’ve got some from Fountainebleu, a Doisneau exhibit, a cat and dog expo, the Louvre, some beautiful still lives of flowers, and a whole lot of random exploration shots. In my last few days here I’ve been doing a Parisian bucket list of all the things I had been meaning to do so the images just keep coming, so I’m going to keep posting them over the next month and a half until I’m home.

I leave Saturday evening for a “eurotrip” to the south of France, then Istanbul, Santorini, Crete, Prague, Berlin, Amsterdam, Belgium, London, Ireland, and back to Paris to breathe for 2 days and buy as much schtuff as needed before shipping myself off to NYC for three weeks.

I will mostly likely not be posting many images from my trip, although I think it’ll be important to write more. I’m a little nervous about space capacity while traveling because I won’t have my hard drive so I may end up burning CD’s and mailing them home or something. I don’t know.

Tomorrow, I turn in my last paper of college: a 10-pager on nature documentaries. It was a supplement for the class where I visited the American School of Paris and made a film about the chef.

It feels really weird to be done, and I knew it would be weird, and I knew it would be really weird having it all finish up over here, but you don’t know how something feels until it hits you.

I can’t say I’m sad, more like dumbfounded. Because I still feel like a little girl (as we all do when we grow up) and the notion that it’s been half a decade since I left SAAS is a bit too much to wrap my mind around. So much has happened in these last 5 years, let alone these last 5 months. I’m ready to leave Paris. Everyone said “You’re never gonna wanna leave, you’re gonna love it!” But I’m good. I had my fair share of the city, it brought a lot of personal struggles and revelations into perspective thus forcing me to really grow (and grow up) and I’m thankful for my time here. It wasn’t what I expected, but I think that’s also because everyone’s perception of Paris is almost a century outdated. I can’t wait to head back to the states.

When people used to ask me if I was American, in a store or at a restaurant, I used to cringe and say “Why?” But now, I’m like “Yep! I’m American! Have you ever been? Because it’s the greatest place on the planet! And I got to grow up there!” And it’s not because I’m stupid, or a braggart, but because I really appreciate America now in a way I never anticipated. I was raised to be ashamed of our global standing but there’s nothing to be ashamed of. The US, while also kind of a tacky carnival, and the place where globalization turns into a smorgy (that’s smorgasbord and orgy f.y.i) it’s also incredibly open, forgiving, exciting, and damn comfortable for those of us who got lucky enough to end up with its paperwork. I’d still like to travel, especially before all indigenous civilizations are destroyed (Did anyone see the story on human safaris in Africa? That’s where were at now?) and borders between barricaded. I’m looking forward to staying put; I had wanted to travel for the last half decade and I finally got it (bette late than never right?) and now I can really and truly enjoy slaving away for the next 10+ years.

I’ll just have to remind myself, like my dad always sad, “Don’t blink.”


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