The hiatus ends!

Flowers in Amsterdam

Got back from Europe (finally) and bought a new computer. I’ve got roughly 30,000 photos to go through, or somewhere over 100 gb (I think) and as I clearly won’t be posting ALL of them, I’ll sure be putting up quite a lot over the next few weeks as I enjoy the urban inferno nicknamed Manhattan. I’ve got some good resting ahead of me now that the wedding of the year is over.

I will say though, that after being back just under a week. I’m still very much in “traveler” mode and experiencing New York in a different light. I’m enchanted and horrified; it’s such a sensorial cluster of colors and crazies, yet it’s home, at least the home I know as a young adult.

I’m not going to rant because I’m not mad, I’m just observant. The cultural values here are strange, and I saw it before but I couldn’t compare them which is what was tearing me to pieces inside because I hadn’t gotten out and got a taste of global reality. One thing I will put my two cents in about right now though, is the media. TV to print, paparazzi to news casters, our societal values are warped by these people and this industry that is completely false. I feel terrible for young people whose minds are STILL being pillaged to worship falsities and continue to feel inadequate with themselves in order to fuel the capitalist cycle of consumption. “You need this in order to be better.” No. F off. We need to teach people to identify the lies that they’re being fed by men in suits 1000 miles behind a pretty image. We’re a freakshow, America, but we’ve got enough power to start WAKING UP.


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