Nice Part 2: A view from the top

Man I miss the south of France. Probably my favorite place in the world. Sure, parts of it are mind-numbingly bougie, but the other parts of full of blue water, terracotta, olives, fish, nudie beaches, boats, smiles, and sunshine. Yeah, sounds like a postcard, I know. Because it’s like being in a postcard. If you can avoid the touristy parts it’s the best, although I did find some comfort in the old Brits in Antibes because I was in need of some tiny-adoptive-grandparent love. Those photos come after this post though.

I went photo bonkers so there are twice as many as I would ever put up but my justification is that I have 10 countries to get through which means maybe 30 posts with a couple hundred each time because I’ll be damned if my pictures just sit in files on my computer. SO, bare with me and if there are too many for you, take 5, eat a popsicle, do a downdog, call your mom, whatever’s clever.

*A tip for viewing photos: click the first picture and scroll through horizontally- they’re bigger that way (for your enjoyment and tired old eyes)*


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