Antibes, Ville-franche sur la mer, and Cannes!

Antibes was a hilariously adorable little town about 30 minutes west of Nice (via train) it’s pretty small and is based around boats, a market, and rows of touristy (albeit cute) shops. I really wanted to go for the farmers market which was quite a walk from the train station, but past LOADS of boats to scope. I like the schooner names, the reflection the water makes on their sides, and envisioning myself in a) a pirate or b) sailor ensemble fishing off the back of one. At the market, I asked to take some photos (one vendor said, I’ve been here for 10 years and no one has EVER actually asked…take note people and use your words!) then bought a ton of olives, sun dried tomatoes, and arugula which I ate on the rocks by the water before hitting the Picasso museum, which was, eh. I think it’s hard to have museums for any famous/specific/single artist because usually their work is so spread out around the world in various galleries. What I’d rather see is a retrospective or traveling collection. So basically, if you’re in Antibes- skip the Picasso museum. Although if you don’t have a boat that’s kind of the only thing to do… The best part was the sculptures outside. Hands down. Especially the giant one on the end of the harbor (totally unconnected to the museum) which is a man sitting with his knees up looking out at the ocean- made entirely out of white letters. You’ll see. I would like to cover it in clear sheeting and raise it up into the trees and live in it. Yep.

Ville Franche sur la Mer and Cap D’ail were two beaches I checked out with this rad girl Raquel I met at my hostel. This was where the topless beach rule was embraced, because, why not?? The water was so breathtaking, literally, it was freaking cold- but in a refreshing way. It’s nice to get the big, salty, sandy hair going. The beaches there were 100 times better than Nice because they’re rocky there and it’s only a 15 minute bus ride northeast along the coast towards Monaco. Cap D’ail is next to Monaco but I didn’t keep going because I was tired and I’ll be back. You can’t do everything!

Cannes was insane. I was going to go with this Chilean dude who looked like Javier Bardem but the man could not get it together enough to make the train so I was like see ya! (Another note: don’t miss out on things because someone you just met can’t rally, just GO). Because it was the festival it was a total shitshow. The streets were flooded with people who were there just to gape (wait am I one of them then?) and create roadblocks. There’s a huge divide between those in the festival and those who are not. Thanks to black SUV’s, white tents, and high security hotels, actors are able to slip around until they want to make a real public appearance on that huge red carpet. I got to take a boat over to a 1000-year old monastery and then met up with Hilaria over at the Carlton and proceeded to dash down the street with Hilaria dressed in the most elegant vintage white Ralph Lauren dress and white heels (me in my all black athletic outfit and torn up green backpack) so I could buy heels to wear with one of her dresses for this Marilyn Monroe book party. It was ridiculous. I had never been so happy to see her though and it made me entire experience. Hilaria is one of best friends and emotional rocks in NYC and it was brutal going from seeing her everyday to nothing for half a year. This was also my graduation day so I can’t think of a better way I would have liked to spend it than there with her.

The next day I took off for Marseille…pictures in the next post. I loathe that place like you wouldn’t believe. But I think there are a few dozen decent shots. So it all works out, right?

BY THE WAY: I know, I’m lucky. I worked my face off to get to go to all of these places, but it’s still kind of ridiculous. I’m very thankful for all of the people and circumstances that made it all possible.

SECOND BY THE WAY: The hostel I stayed at in Nice was the single best hostel in Europe: Villa Saint Exupery near the beach. I was supposed to stay for 2 nights and stayed for 5 or 6? It was the best part of my trip. I met a British guy there who said “I came last year for a week and I ended up staying for 7 months.” Exactly. So if any young’un goes, stay there.


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