Greece: Athens

Greece was a pretty damn fun time- but the country itself was just eh. I flew in from Turkey to Athens where I had a layover for 7 hours, and what did I do? Naturally, I took the train into the city to see the acropolis then get up and out of that place (and thank god I scheduled it that way because the city was a dump…no offense). I got to the Acropolis at 2:45 which is the time that they stop taking any more guests. I so kindly explained to the man in charge, however, that I only had a few hours so he said, okay, RUN!!! And I sprinted up to the top, took  a couple (hundred?) photos, then slid (literally- the stone stairs there are so slick) down to the city, passed through an arts and crafts market where a dude asked me to pose nude for a painting (creep) and found some pretty sick graffiti.

Then I hopped a plane to Crete, which I only went to because it was a cheap place to fly to Prague from- I was supposed to go to Santorini but I blew my budget on the second Istanbul ticket. In hindsight, it may have been better this way though because who wants to go to a romantic, cutesy town without bringing their other half to make out with when the sun drops in Oia? I got in to Heraklion around 6pm and found out on my bus ride, that the city was dirty, dark, and sad.  Makes sense because it’s got around 80% of the islands population living there. But more about Rethymno later: here’s Athens. A place I hope never to return to.


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