Photos from Hurricane Sandy

I’ve decided to post some images from Sandy. I was lucky enough to be safe on the Upper West Side- not affected by the power outages or flooding. What I did see was a lot of cars near central park smashed by trees, scaffolding thrown around like a deck of cards, the infamous crane at 57th street thanks to a really long walk, and a lot of damage in Rockaway beach that I saw when I volunteered to help out with my school (can I use alma mater? Is that tacky?)  I also have a few flooding pictures sent from friends and a few of my favorite professional shots. Just to give an idea to those elsewhere what it was like on the streets. Lots of cellphone photos have been posted since Sandy, but this is kind of like “here’s what was happening in my hood” then a few extras. All taken by iPhone.


4 thoughts on “Photos from Hurricane Sandy

  1. Hey Girl —

    You lived through some historic event didn’t you — and have taken great pictures to prove it. You have an eye for beauty amidst destruction. I’m amazed at the beautiful blue sky framing these photos of wreckage and leftover chaos. You are the best. Gram

  2. wow. WOW! i lived at 20th and 1st for 3 years and i WAS JUST visiting lower manhattan a week before sandy hit. i’ve been saying my thankful prayers every day since. i cannot believe the destruction!!! hard to imagine the east village under water like that! your photos are incredible! so raw and real and since i’m familiar with the city, it really hits home to see them just so “as is” — the cover of NY magazine is stunning, though. wow. NYers are resilient. sending love and light to all of the city.

  3. Thank you all for your comments! Audrey- I’m glad you appreciated the photos and they gave you an insight as to the state of the city. I still can’t believe that the East Village was submerged either. Stuy town was under water too. Good thing you were here before it all hit and not after! Feels like everything is back to normal in the city, but outside is still such a mess. That said, there are a lot of people giving and helping in every way they can, which is a beautiful thing to experience in a place usually so based on personal need.

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