The Kiss: Berlin

Kiss between Brezhnev and Honecker on the Berlin Wall

While it feels nearly impossible to pick a favorite mural from the Berlin Wall (so I’m sure I’ll be throwing in more later), this infamous portrait of Leonid Brezhnev and Erich Honecker tonguing it out, however over-shared an image it is, was a sort of social-commentary-bucket-list-check-off for me. Most art pieces/people/etc hold a much weightier effect in the flesh and this is no exception. While I’m sure it’s the most gravitated towards because of its shock value, I hope it doesn’t over-shadow the other 104 paintings since we, as humans, do love a jarring, somewhat kitschy depiction of our feelings about politicians. Anyways, if you haven’t been to Berlin, GET ON A PLANE. It was one of my favorite destinations on my trip. The weird clusterfuck of architecture from the space station-esque shopping centers to the churches that survived the bombings mixed with art communes, riverside bars, massive museums and memorials, all littered across an urban sprawl that feels roughly the size of Los Angeles, is a visual paradise. Also, the majority of the people are extremely nice, smart, and unexpectedly friendly. I take back all of the biases I formulated about Germany from my high-school text books. But to the guys wanting to tear down the East Side Gallery in favor of condos or some other unnecessary development, I have to unashamedly tell you to go F yourselves. Tearing down the last section of one of the most historical landmarks of one of the biggest political conflicts of the 20th century that is now covered in beautiful artwork dedicated to peace, is simply rude. Your city is big enough to build elsewhere. But, knowing our modern, construction obsessed world it will eventually be dissolved SO if you haven’t been, GO, GO, GO!


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