Stray Cat: Athens

Grecian Cat:  Athens
Stray Cat: Athens

I found this scraggly little dude peering out from under a truck after I ran to the top of the Acropolis on a layover to Crete (seriously I only had 15 minutes before it closed at 3pm and the guard let me sneak in; it was like a video game trying not to slip off the tile stairs, dodging tourists and stray dogs, and jumping over crumbled rocks and scaffolding). This cat had the most intense, bewildered eyes and kept staring at me, getting closer, and then darting under the safety of the truck. While there weren’t as many stray cats as there were in Istanbul, which is a mecca of meowing vagabonds, there were a lot. Bob Barker needs to start promoting international pet spaying and neutering. I mean what?


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