Jelly Fish: Monterey

Jelly Fish, Monterey, CA
Jelly Fish, Monterey, CA


These jellies are from the Aquarium in Monterey on the Central Coast of California just south of Santa Cruz. Last summer when I got back to the states, my then-boyfriend and I decided on a whim to drive down to California because, well, why not? While we were planning it, we randomly ran into some friends in Seattle who were renting a huge house in Monterey for the weekend so we cruised down I-5 to rendez-vous with them, stopping at the Gorge, Eugene, and Lake Shasta along the way. Monterey is beautiful; it’s foggy and chilly but in a lazy, beachy way. We had leisurely, wine-fueled lunches and drives down to Pebble beach (a must see). The aquarium, although smashed down in the touristy waterfront district, was also a destination I’d recommend for anyone who visits Monterey and gives two damns about sea-life, the environment, and doesn’t mind being drowned in children. With brilliant viewing tanks, an outdoor view of the bay, baby octopi, and, duh, these magical, mystical jelly fish, I was in photographic paradise.


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