Observatory: Berlin

Observatory Rave, Berlin
Observatory: Berlin

I’m already Berlin heavy on my posts but I just loved it so much despite the fact that the friend of a friend who I stayed with was kind of horrible to me (she was French though). Nonetheless, the first night I was there she took me to this abandoned observatory that looks over the city. We had to climb through a fence, then up a long path into this sort of compounds that was COVERED in graffiti. We climbed up about 10 flights of stairs to a lookout (above) where some people were having a dance party and watched the sun go down. We barely made it but it and of course my camera died after one shot but it was one of the most strangely spectacular experiences of my life. You could see the entire city. At one point we went up to the very top where there was only a small window on the side of the dome so you had to trust in your ability to walk in nearly complete darkness. There was a platform stage in the center of the space and a girl was smoking, singing an eerily classical melody, and dancing in the sliver of light. She would also stomp her feet like an interpretive tap dancer to make beautiful patterns of echoes. We listened to her for what felt like hours (though probably minutes … I did have some wine) then used a flashlight to look at all the caveman like drawings on the walls. Then I discovered the imprint of a bird who had once been smashed under the window frame of the sole window, although the glass was now gone. It was like a movie set. I hope someone had put it in a film because it was the dreamiest, dirtiest place I’ve ever been to and I desperately want to go back one day.


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