Gilded Woman: Berlin


Oh Berlin, you photographic smorgasbord. This woman is somewhere between the Brandenburg Gates and Checkpoint Charlie, behind a fence, with another lady statue nearby. I thought she was so regal in her shiny yet tarnished state. However, while being so bright, she was also so subtle that she wasn’t given much attention by the hoards of tourists walking around. I would have given anything to hop the fence and nap/read/fantasize about watching Breaking Bad on the grass below her. I won’t ramble on about Berlin because I’ve talked about it before and I’ll talk about it later, but I will say that I applaud the Germans for the memorials they have constructed in honor of WWII (and WWI and the Cold War, but less so). I don’t think she’s related to the victory statue of goddess Victoria (for victory over France) in the Tiengarten, and I’m not sure she is connected with the memorials, but her proximity to the cluster of government buildings, Jewish museums, and historic landmarks makes me think there must be a correlation. I’ll have to investigate when I return, unless someone else knows her significance?


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