Sticker: Berlin

DSC_0629Street Art is my favorite public display of expression (so long as it’s not promoting a bad party or using genitalia to state a point) aside from commissioned sculptures and murals. I’m particularly draw to the most democratic form: the sticker. It’s an interesting facet of and insight into youth culture and how the public thinks instead of the media. Sometimes stickers are like the one above, just for pleasure, while others make political statements, promote companies/websites/artists etc., but overall I think that they’re a pretty cool way of marketing. They’re not invasive because they can be removed, they pretty much live on telephone poles (which, unadorned are pretty lame) and they can take powerful messages across the world to the eyes of the everyman. While traveling, I captured more images of stickers than I’d like to confess, but perhaps that’s incentive for a book.


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