The Monument: London

DSC_0403This monument, which was built during 1671-1677 to commemorate the Great London Fire (all great cities have had one amiright?) is, according to Wikipedia, the tallest isolated column in the world at 202 feet. Its 311 steps go round and round and round as what felt like the worlds smallest staircase that leads one up to the observatory deck. While it offers a great view of the city, it’s not as fantastic as I’d imagined because of course high-rises have gotten so tall that the panorama is a bit blocked in spots, but it’s still worth the hike, plus they give you a certificate for making it all the way up and down, which you can throw away once down the block. The lookout used to have a rope to keep visitors back from the edge until the mid 1800’s after six people killed themselves by jumping off the top over the previous half-century. So they decided to build a cage. The original cage looked like prison bars, and now they have, voila, chain-link. How mod.



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