Puppy: Prague


After seeing dozens of stray, sick, abandoned dogs in the Eastern part of Western Europe (i.e. Greece and Turkey) I was thrilled to see the happy, well fed dogs of the Czech’s. This little guy was up at the Prague Castle and was the biggest love. I had just come from Greece and was so bummed about the animals I had seen in Athens (as I always say…photos to come…eventually, but they’re sad so brace yourselves) so it was the perfect time to walk around saying hi to all the wee canines who were happy and healthy. If only Bob Barker could spread his message internationally to spay and neuter pets so there aren’t so many derelict whiskers out there. But that’s also probably my first world view whereas the people responsible for said creatures are most likely concerned with their own survival. At the end of the day, animals, domesticated or not, are all fundamentally wild. Though looking at my cat eating organic food and sleeping on satin that might be a stretch.


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