Building Reflection: Dublin

DSC_0309Somewhere between Kilmainham Gaol and the Dublin train station I passed this stark development. I thought A) this reflection is quite beautiful as the sky and building become one and B) this is a great example about how my idea of what European cities will look do not match up to my experiences. I never thought that Dublin would be a weird cluster of cottages and industrial buildings. I’ll also admit that I thought that the Irish would be reminiscent of peasants or “people from the Old Country” because of all the stories I heard from my parents about my great-grandfather and great-great-great-grandfather about life “on the farm.” Let me tell you, while there are lots of farms in Ireland, there are also cities, filled with girls in too-tight tanks, faces caked like British club-goers, drunk at noon, shouting at pigeons. I’m not complaining though, it was like free TV.


NOTE: not all Irish girls are train-wrecks. It’s just a certain category of them.



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