Lazy Tabby: Preveli, Greece


I met this little liger, who must be my cats doppelganger, at the Preveli Monastery which my newfound compadres and I were attempting to visit on our road trip from the North side to the South side of Crete (I drove over halfway even though I left my license in Paris because I’m A) badass B) dumb C) A really good driver and wanted to make sure we didn’t die, or D) all of the above…obviously the answer is B. JK it’s D!). However, being Americans, we forgot to bring long pants and shawls and were reduced to playing with the cat in the parking lot and the ponies behind the parking lot fence instead of seeing a 500 year old nunnery. I think we know who came out on top in this situation! Sometimes a loss turns quite quickly into a win. At least when animals are involved.

Note: I have a lot of pictures of cats that are going to be posted, so if you don’t like them, run, run now.


One thought on “Lazy Tabby: Preveli, Greece

  1. Thank you for loving animals. My first, second, and third cats all looked just like this. I know their spirits remain in my because not a day goes past that I don’t think of them and smile.

    If you have 2 minutes, I hope you’ll check out my cat essay, Lady Luck. I guarantee it will bring as big a smile to your face as this photo did on mine, or my name ain’t Cat Ballou. (which it isn’t – but still)

    Safe traveling!

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