Bouncy Ball: Paris

Under the Eiffel Tower, Paris
Under the Eiffel Tower, Paris

Once upon a time I lived in Paris where it rained nearly every day and I survived on macarons and rosé. As whimsical as this existence may sound, it was actually quite lonely. However, I was distractingly busy and managed to combat my homesickness with more activities than just going out to bars, restaurants, and clubs. I also shopped, used my horrible French on the fisherman at my favorite local markets, and drank wine under the Eiffel Tower with friends from class (going to school next to the world’s jazziest iron monument has its perks, you know). This shot was taken during one of those days where students from AUP would lay down blankets like a patchwork quilt against the thick, spring green grass, throw around a frisbee, chain-smoke, and drink the cheapest wine one could buy. Even the most die-hard beer fanatics turned into Sideways parodies because the French two buck chuck is like drinking 25 buck chuck back in ‘Merica. Anyways, I was watching a gaggle of kidlets playing in the dirt and noticed this semi-flacid, bouncy ball sitting abandoned on the path. Sadly, I’m too old to even identify said Disney Princess but thanks to modern, invasive marketing techniques I do know she’s owned by the Disney factory of churning out animated idols for girls under 10. Do I sound bitter? I’m not, but c’mon we all know that the Little Mermaid, Pocahontas, and Jasmine were the best. Not Belle, Snow White or CInderella though, too generic and whiney. Anyways, bye!


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