Ad Posters: Berlin

Bears, Berlin
Bears, Berlin

I’m on a Bear-lin kick. Har har. But seriously, that city was chock-full of photo ops. This one is on the more vulgar side without being actually, well, vulgar. It was a billboard near the Ostbahnhof‎ station which is around the corner from the East Side Gallery, aka the place where the Berlin wall murals are. I was captivated by the angular juxtaposition of the baby bears with the Larry Clark exhibit advertisement; it made me stop and genuinely scratch my head at the conundrum created by decay. The road was rather quiet and the ad board was tucked in along a lush stretch of brambles, making it seem almost as if it were an impromptu art piece, a spectacle of modern urban nature, and how man and animal connect not through encounter but through paper. While this isn’t an artistic critique, it is an examination of common visual messaging and its ephemeral ability to talk to us.


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