Carhenge: London


This image is from about a month before the 2012 Summer Olympics. At the time, I had no idea why these stacked cars were there, but people at the park couldn’t get enough of them. They reminded me slightly of Cai Guo Qiang’s exploding car exhibit at the Guggenheim, probably because they were both pieces made from cars, but nonetheless generated dialogues by displacing such a commodity. Later I discovered that the vehicular Stonehenge was produced by Czech auto company Škoda (a subsidiary of Volkswagen) as a publicity stunt for the release of their new car Citigo. It took three months to complete the 36 ton project. I wonder how long it would have taken if they had channeled the original creators of Stonehenge and left the machinery at home. Probably not until the next Olympics.

Shortly after I took this photo, a military helicopter did a drill to the left of Tower Bridge where a cloud of orange smoke was explosively discharged into the sky followed by a dozen men sliding down ropes out of what I can only assume was a Westland Puma, down to the ground along the other side of the Thames. Everyone around me on the Southbank was gathered in the path on the river which is adjacent to Potters FIeld Park, which is where hoards of people gather each year to watch Wimbledon on a massive screen erected for the event. Anyways, we all rightly assumed that the the city was under attack until an elderly woman sensibly pointed out that they were prepping for the Olympics by doing routine drills, though no one had ever seen this particular scenario before. If you look closely you can see the iconic rings symbol on the underside of the upper portion of the bridge, just barely above the cars that are stacked, casually, like toys.

Note: if you have 5 minutes Google Carhenge images, it’s quite compelling.


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