Rainbow Hair: Amsterdam

Bathroom Attendent Extraordinaire

This girl was pretty shy for having such flamboyant hair. I forget exactly where I was, but I remember being irritated at always having to pay to pee, yet this rainbow bouffant made it entirely worth the .50 euros (that’s 67 cents people) to whiz in a dirty cell. This was taken during the peak of the dip-dye movement, a time when it felt like 85% of millennial females had some sort of homage to the mermaids with a splash of green, blue, purple, or pink casually thrown into their manes. I’ve never been one for colored hair because I was forbade from ever dying my own (thanks mom) so the concept is both fascinating and terrifying. Wait, strike that, I did use semi-permanent black dye for the bottom half of my hair back in 2002 when the whole Christina Aguilera Dirrty thing was popular, meanwhile the other girls in my grade were turning themselves into pumpkins from Sun-in, one of the most aggressive, OTC hair-lighteners a 13-year-old can get her hands on. Man I miss the days of DIY beauty disasters. Over-tweezed eyebrows, shaved arms, leopard hair from boxed dyes, poorly adhered false eyelashes, press-on fake nails, chola-esque lip liner, the abuse of bronzer, and everything in between. And by miss, I mean rejoice in the knowledge that never again will I have to relive that part of my life again…until I have my own daughter. Crap.


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