Hippo: Berlin

DSC_0397.1A trip to the Woodland Park Zoo yesterday with my 17-month old cousin and the kids I nanny who are 5 and 7 inspired me to post this photo of a hippo happily trudging along the bottom of his pool at the Berlin Zoo. While Zoos can be incredibly depressing as I’ve mentioned before, they can also be done so well, with such expansive enclosures (as oxymoronic as that is) that I wish I could interview the animals and ask, “Soooo what’s worse? Being stuck in couch potato land or fighting to survive in the wild when food is scarce and poachers are rampant?” There are always two sides to the coin (sorry for the cliché). EIther way, I love taking photos at Zoos because A) I live for shooting animals (With my camera! Get your mind out of the gutter!) and B) I enjoy the struggle to get good photos through scratched up, finger print-laden glass and chain link fences. While I’d rather not have such distractions because I would ideally be shooting out in the wild, I prefer the honesty of including hints of captivity because otherwise the images give off an illusion of freedom while also making me look more badass than I am (yet).



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