Stork: Berlin

Berlin Zoo
Berlin Zoo

This Woolly-necked Stork was hanging out on the railing of a bridge at the Berlin zoo about a foot away from me. Woolly’s are roughly three feet tall and typically live in Africa and Asia, and while they’ve got nothing on their massive cousin the Marabou Stork’s size, they’re quite regal. Named after the garb of clerics, Woolley’s are one of the most subtly beautiful creatures I’ve ever seen up so close and personal. You can see the hints of blues and purples, flecked throughout his black feathers like grains of gemstones. His white bouffant adds an unexpected puffy pop to the polished structure of his wings, almost like an oversized, microfiber scarf that gets its own blowout every day. I often overlook birds in favor of large, seemingly terrifying mammals like lions and bears and cute creatures including (but not limited to) penguins and turtles, but thanks to this baby-dropper-offer I was driven to re-examine my attention span and direction both in the moment and for the future. Sometimes the less acknowledged things in life can be the most enrapturing.


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