Hipster Unicorn Love: Prague

Cue Believe by Cher

I just really have to commend the person who took the time to draw this. If you have ever tried to outline a horse before, you know it’s no easy task. Mine generally take the shape of T-rex’s and balloon dogs but this cataract contour is pretty impressive considering the person who drew it may or may not have been under the influence of Eastern European narcotics which shall remain nameless. It’s speculation, really. I find the abuse of the word “hipster” highly amusing because it’s such a derogatory term now, and quite possible the “gay” of the 2010’s. Like many, I have a true love-hate relationship with said hipsters, partially because they’re outrageous but also because I identify with them on a few levels. The first being that I’m upset with the current standards of “cool” and wish it was 1970. Yes, sometimes I wear my dad’s old button downs from the 40’s which he bought second-hand as a 20-something year old, and yes I once owned Ray Ban eyeglasses (not shades) and at one point owned a lot of American Apparel but that was because my dorm in New York was above one and I was super lazy about doing my laundry. I also drink out of jars at times (because I have since I was 5?) I like classic jazz, I own way too many boots, and I prefer VCR’s over HDTV. That said, I don’t walk around with a banjo, drinking PBR, loitering at coffee shops, mentioning way too many “local bands,” taking dozens of photos of myself, and claiming I’m a DJ because I bought Serato. Not that there’s anything wrong with that? Anyways, the drawing also caught my eye because it reminded me of this Japanese painting in my Grampa’s house of a horse who face looks like it’s melting being pulled through the desert. Yes, it’s exactly as terrifying as it sounds. But I love it, kind of in the same way that I love these hipster unicorns getting it on along a wall.

Bottom line: to each their own– just do yo thang.


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