Wise Words on the Wall: Berlin


Feels like a fitting post for the depressing news that initiative 522, which would label GMO foods in Washington was not passed. I will refrain from a seemingly irrelevant yet somehow parallel tangent to this Erich Fried quote, which is painted on a wall at the East Gallery. Everything about it is striking, from the clean color choice to the DIY block typeface, and the prominent “S” sketched on by the artist or perhaps a passerby. Going off of the lack of defacement I saw on the murals, I assumed the former. In my investigation, however, I discovered that the Austrian poet’s quote was in fact intended to begin on a masculine premise. I’m quite fond of the person who sketched the “S” because he or she made a subtly distinct statement about the somewhat passé contextualization of “he.”  Not only does this quote open the floor to an infinite number of global issues and discussions from political to environmental (and of course my initial gripe), it hones in on the power of the feminine perspective and the rising status of women in our modern world. And for that, I applaud you anonymous vandal. Bravo, bravo.


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