Great Wheel: Seattle

DSC_0259It would be rude of me not to include a photo from my own city since it has been so good to me over the years. This shot from last summer is of sunset light hitting the Great Wheel, aka a ferris wheel a la the London Eye and/or any ferris wheel ever. I have yet to go up to the top since why would I pay $15 for the same view I get from the ferry boat (and I’m not a tourist). I also think ferris wheels are boring but the 5 year olds I know really do love it. While I can’t be coerced into being trapped on a slow-moving hamster wheel, I will say that the thing is quite a beautiful addition to the Seattle waterfront. It was erected for the 50th anniversary  of the space needle last year and is now on par with the Speedle in terms of notoriety and identifability (yes, I made that up). On a recent boat ride to Bainbridge aka my home away from home where I retreat from the nonsanity of zeh city, I noticed the wheel was lit up like the Empire State building in fantastical hues of pink, purple, and blue. What a sight to be had, particularly since it took my mind off the pain of carrying a 50 lb “overnight” bag on my bad shoulder in the cattle call of the pedestrian-ferry-rider exodus. Maybe one day I’ll get up there if the proper circumstance arrives i.e. someone pays me to take a child up or, god forbid, the day mine own future spawn are tall enough to ride the Great Wheel. And with that, I am now going to go bask in the knowledge that I have no real responsibilities and spend money I don’t have, eat pie in the bathtub, and sleep in til whenever I want. Youth is not always wasted on the young.

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