I’m Kayla, a photo-journalism student from The New School. Born in Seattle and currently back from my last semester of college in Paris at the American University of Paris, I’m chronicalling my adventures, experiences, and observations. Heavy on satire and photos, I hope this journal can be not just my own account of my life here but a guide for others who wish to study and live abroad, as well as a way for my friends and family to see what I’m up to.


4 thoughts on “More?

  1. My name is James Harvey & my grandfather James Harvey would have been your grandfathers brother. I am the only living Harvey connection to your grandfather in Ireland. Eileen Donaghy is my late fathers sister. I my self have two children Molly and James Junior. I also have four sisters. when i was child, Mary Harvey that would be your great aunt, came over to see your grandfathers sister Mary Harvey who lived at money kilmore. Look forward to hearing from you.

    1. Hi James! Did we meet when I came to visit in June 2012? I stayed with Eileen and Eamon for about a week. I feel like I didn’t spend much time with the rest of the family and want to come back soon, possibly even this summer but probably next. I met your father as well, we went to a house with a brown and white dog. I was so tired at that time that my memory isn’t too good. I believe your grandfather was my great-grandfather Barney’s brother. Eileen told me the history but I didn’t write it down and I need to! My grandfather (Jack) passed away in November, I have a card to send over but haven’t yet. I did send Eileen a book of photos from my trip for Christmas, do you know by chance if she got it? So happy to connect, no one had email so it has been hard to stay in touch!

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