Istanbul Part I: Mustaches and Mummies

Yep that’s what I first think of when I think of istanbul. Then I think about how it’s the most magical place on earth; chock full of dried fruit, stray cats, elaborate mosques, and yes, the faint smell of mummies and diarrhea. Turks are, for the most part, some of the nicest people I’ve ever met as well. Since it’s a matriarchal society, women are highly regarded and treated with more respect than other cultures. What does that mean? It means that when I got lost, 20 men would gather around me with their phones, searching for maps and calling friends until … Continue reading Istanbul Part I: Mustaches and Mummies

Antibes, Ville-franche sur la mer, and Cannes!

Antibes was a hilariously adorable little town about 30 minutes west of Nice (via train) it’s pretty small and is based around boats, a market, and rows of touristy (albeit cute) shops. I really wanted to go for the farmers market which was quite a walk from the train station, but past LOADS of boats to scope. I like the schooner names, the reflection the water makes on their sides, and envisioning myself in a) a pirate or b) sailor ensemble fishing off the back of one. At the market, I asked to take some photos (one vendor said, I’ve … Continue reading Antibes, Ville-franche sur la mer, and Cannes!

The hiatus ends!

Got back from Europe (finally) and bought a new computer. I’ve got roughly 30,000 photos to go through, or somewhere over 100 gb (I think) and as I clearly won’t be posting ALL of them, I’ll sure be putting up quite a lot over the next few weeks as I enjoy the urban inferno nicknamed Manhattan. I’ve got some good resting ahead of me now that the wedding of the year is over. I will say though, that after being back just under a week. I’m still very much in “traveler” mode and experiencing New York in a different light. … Continue reading The hiatus ends!

Things I’ll Miss About France (And Things I WONT)

It’s my last few hours in France before heading to Turkey. The week before last was my last in Paris; I was running around frantically trying to see museum exhibits, get my travel gear ready, and study for my French final (gag). Meanwhile, I also composed a list of things that I will really miss, because, even though it’s fun for me to hate on Paris because people are rude, the food is kinda crappy, and there’s doodee all over the streets, there’s still a snippet of charm left. However, as someone put it on Cinco de Mayo- the holiday … Continue reading Things I’ll Miss About France (And Things I WONT)

Paris: Coming to a Close

I’m log-jammed with photos. I’ve got some from Fountainebleu, a Doisneau exhibit, a cat and dog expo, the Louvre, some beautiful still lives of flowers, and a whole lot of random exploration shots. In my last few days here I’ve been doing a Parisian bucket list of all the things I had been meaning to do so the images just keep coming, so I’m going to keep posting them over the next month and a half until I’m home. I leave Saturday evening for a “eurotrip” to the south of France, then Istanbul, Santorini, Crete, Prague, Berlin, Amsterdam, Belgium, London, … Continue reading Paris: Coming to a Close